Writing about art henry sayre pdf download

About this product Synopsis "P" "rovide your students with an introduction to art that is inclusive and emphasizes critical thinking " Henry Sayre s art appreciation text, "The World of Art," is an amazing introduction to the world of art. Students with little background in the arts routinely reach out to Henry to share how the text has influenced their lives.

Writing about art henry sayre pdf download

August 5, Location: Sayre residence, Bend, Oregon. Good morning to you. So, perhaps if you would, please begin with just a brief bit of family history, where you grew up, kind of some of your early life.

I was born in Boulder, Colorado, in When I was born, Boulder was 12, people, if you can believe that.

writing about art henry sayre pdf download

My dad was a city attorney, the school board, a water lawyer, actually. And then, thought I was going to go to Yale until Stanford interviewed me, and the guy said, "Why do you want to go to Stanford? And then subsequently went to the University of Washington Graduate School.

So in growing up in Boulder, you mentioned it was quite a bit smaller than it is now. But expand a little on kind of what it was like, what life was like.

writing about art henry sayre pdf download

What were some of the things that you were interested in, and liked to do? Well, what was really extraordinary about Boulder in those days is, you know, we were safe.

And we could just get up in the morning, pack lunch, and go, and they'd expect us home for dinner. We'd take lumber from people [laughs], and nobody seemed to care, and we built tree houses. And you know, that's what we did. We did a lot with the University of Colorado sports programs, because they were—one of the things that we did always is we sold—all the Boy Scouts sold Cokes and hot dogs at the football games.

So we got to go to all the football games for free. And then we would collect bottles after the football game and sell them. They were two cent deposits. And we could make upwards of a dollar or a dollar fifty; we were ecstatic.

So we considered ourselves well-to-do [laughs], and it was a good place to grow up. And do I understand that you skied? And we raced pretty hard and heavy. When I went away to prep school the skiing stopped. So I became a swimmer instead, so I swam in the winter instead of skiing in the winter.

And, life turned upside down— JD: I was led to believe that you were involved in the Junior Olympics at some point? We were—it wasn't really, I don't think there were a Junior Olympics then. We were all sort of thinking that we would be—we were racing as if we were.

I mean, we were Olympic development. And skied downhill until I saw a good friend of mine crash and break his back, and I never had the guts to go fast again. That was really the end of my career.

And my time was the fastest of the day, to the complete anger of the coaches.DOWNLOAD WORLD OF ART HENRY SAYRE 7TH EDITION world of art henry pdf Henry M. Sayre is Distinguished Professor of Art History at Oregon State University—Cascades Campus in NotesEssayMama's Essay Writing Guide: Step-by-step guide to essay WritingEssays on the History of.

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Henry M. Sayre’s most popular book is A World of Art Fifth Edition. Janice Dilg: So today is August 5th, , and I am here with Henry Sayre in his home in Bend, Oregon. My name is Janice Dilg, and this interview is part of the Oregon State University Oral History Project. Good morning to you.

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