Writing a recommendation letter on work ethic

Based on my many years in sales, marketing, management, and customer service, I am proficient and competent in my skills and knowledge.

Writing a recommendation letter on work ethic

December 14, December 14, Are you wondering how to write a recommendation letter for students? Keep reading for some quick tips to help make your letter-writing experience more efficient and genuine.

Make sure you are clear with students regarding: People who read letters of recommendation generally have read thousands of them. Jeremy has been a true joy to have in class. Not only does Jeremy do his best to complete all of his assignments on time and well, but also he frequently reaches out to his classmates and assists them when they are struggling with lesson content.

Remember that the letter reflects back on you. Absolutely — for me, anyway. Still, when you write a letter of recommendation, it ultimately is a testimony to your discernment abilities.

Give students a break.

Letters of Note: I expect you to correct your work-ethic immediately

For instance, I had a student who plagiarized a poem in one of my sophomore enriched classes. He lied until I finally chased him far enough down the rabbit hole that he had to admit the truth.

writing a recommendation letter on work ethic

Could I have judged him and refused to write him a college recommendation letter? Sure, but every student deserves a second chance. This student showed remorse for his actions, so I tried to view his experience as what it was — a character-building event in his life.

If you plan to say that Leon has leadership skills, make sure to provide specific examples of his ability to lead in the classroom, on the court or field, or in whatever context you know him. Does Randy set a high standard for the class? Talk about the time he gave everyone a pep talk about being respectful and having a good attitude despite the new policies your school had recently adopted.

Jordan has shown a desire to grow and improve by consistently asking for feedback and taking constructive criticism well. The first paragraph, then, is when I establish my connection with the student.

I have had the pleasure of teaching Ariana in her 12th grade dual credit composition class this year. Ariana has also played on my varsity volleyball team for two years.

During that time, she has impressed me with her dedication, insight, leadership skills, and articulation abilities — both written and spoken. Bringing in specific examples makes the recommendation more genuine. As a member of the Elkwood High varsity volleyball team, Ariana led her team both verbally and nonverbally.

Her teammates voted Ariana captain because they recognized her ability to lead. She encouraged her teammates during play, and she made a conscious effort to keep a smile on her face — even when the team was losing.

In the classroom, Ariana demonstrated her ability to articulate thoughts both in writing and speaking. Ariana sought feedback from me often when writing research papers, and she took constructive criticism as an opportunity for growth.

Viewing Ariana as an intelligent, capable leader, her classmates would often ask to partner with her or work with her for projects. While many students gravitate toward the same friends for every assignment, Ariana has been open to working with many students in our English class.

Without hesitation, I recommend Ariana for admission to your university. She would be a wonderful asset — both in academics and extracurriculars. Not every high school student asks for extra conferences with the teacher to improve upon writing skills.

Not every high school student is voted leader of her athletic team. Not every high school student is respectful, compassionate, and driven. Not every high school student is Ariana.

Follow with your name and title. However, I do use the same general template every time I compose a recommendation. Spend some time brainstorming and reflecting as you write your heart-felt letters for the students who admire you enough to ask you to recommend them for the next step in their bright futures.To begin a discussion of the ethical context for writing recommendation letters, we should agree that—at least from the perspective of the person for whom the letter is written—letters can do great good or they can do great harm.

12+ Sample Recommendation Letters For Employment in Word. If you are planning to write a recommendation letter for a certain employee of yours, here’s a sample that should guide you on the particulars and idea of content. These handy templates work best. A potential employer will get a first impression of your work ethic and personal character.

When you begin writing your resume cover letter, keep a few key points in mind. Keep it as brief as possible, clearly state your objective, and relate your information to the position in question. You also want to create a cover letter that is simple. The purpose of a letter of recommendation is just that: to.

recommend. that some one hire you! The writer will be some one who can attest to your work ethic, personal qualities, and skills. Cover Letters That Sell John and Linda applied for the same job. They were equally qualified, and each submitted an excellent resume that emphasized accomplishments, .

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Use a quote describing your work ethic. Although it may seem cliché to use a quote in your cover letter, when used well and in context, a quote can add more value to your cover letter.

Select a quote that relates to your experience, passions, and the position for which you’re applying.

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