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On 10 March he was ordained as a priest in Marlborough[5] Wiltshire and remained in Oxford, first as the Master of Magdalen College School, before quickly being appointed the dean of divinity. Between and he held a living as rector of St Mary's churchLimingtonin Somerset. Wolsey benefitted from Henry VII's introduction of measures to curb the power of the nobility — the king was willing to favour those from more humble backgrounds. In Henry appointed Wolsey to the post of Almoner, a position that gave him a seat on the Privy Council and gave him an opportunity for greater prominence and for establishing a personal rapport with the King.

Thomas wolsey

His father Robert Wulcy was a butcherinnkeeper, and cattle dealer. Wolsey studied at Magdalen CollegeOxford, taking his B. On March 10, he was ordained priest, and in October, presented the rectory of Limington in Somerset by the Marquess of Dorset.

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It is not clear that Wolsey was ever resident there, being master and Dean of Divinity at Magdalen College School The King employed Wolsey in administrative and diplomatic duties, including journeys to Flanders and Scotland.

In Wolsey, well-favored by the young King, was appointed Registrar of the Order of the Garter and allowed to supplicate for the degrees of B. Young King Henry, preferring the sports of lovemaking and hunting to politics, entrusted increasingly more power Thomas wolsey Wolsey and followed his counsel on matters of state.

In NovemberHenry and Ferdinand signed the Treaty of Westminster, pledging mutual help against France, their common enemy. Henry sent Lord Dorset with an army to France inbut the campaign "ended in inglorious failure".

On 9 Septemberthe English force, led by the Earl of Surreywas victorious over the Scots at the battle of Flodden. It was one of the bloodiest confrontations ever in Britain, Thomas wolsey in over ten thousand dead, among them James IV of Scotland.

As winter was approaching, Henry and the troops returned to England. Wolsey was becoming the real power behind the throne, without ever letting the King guess who was truly running the country. In February he had been made Dean of Thomas wolsey and Henry had bestowed many favors upon him.

Battle of Britain

The Queen, however, was falling from favor, for Henry had realized that Maximilian and Ferdinand had fooled him and had no intention of pursuing a further war with France.

Wolsey councelled Henry to form an alliance with France, the peace was signed in Augustand Louis XII agreed to increase the pension the French were paying in reparations.

Wolsey was indeed gaining momentum, having been appointed Bishop of Lincoln in and Archbishop of York in September of the same year. Unfortunately, Louis XII died only three months after the wedding, in early Richard Hume was a London merchant who had lost his infant son.

Outraged, Hume had refused. While these proceedings were taking place, Hume was caught sheltering a heretic. Soon after, Hume was found hung in his cell.

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The Church Convocation issued a statement saying: A Doctor of Divinity, one Henry Standish, argued the case against the abbot. The Church, in retaliation, accused Standish of heresy, forcing Standish to appeal to the King.

The Common Law judges at Blackfriars ruled for Standish and against convocation, claiming praemunire. At the Parliament meeting, with the King present, Wolsey apologized for the clergy, getting down on his knees and begging that the case be sent to Rome. Wolsey was forgiven for this infraction and enjoyed further success.

He now enjoyed not only a high Church position, but also the highest secular position. In France, Louis XII had been succeeded by the young and dashing Francis Iand a rivalry soon developed between the two young monarchs.

When the French conquered Milan at the battle of Marignano inWolsey began again to favor an allegiance with Maximilian and Ferdinand.

The situation changed abrubtly when Ferdinand died in It was advantageous to both Francis and Charles to form an allegiance with England, and Wolsey seized the chance. In July of he was also appointed Bishop of Bath and Wells, which brought him additional revenue.

Thomas wolsey

The peaceful relations were short-lived, however, because in Maximilian died, resulting in all three young kings coveting the position of Holy Roman Emperor. Charles Vgrandson to both Maximilian and Ferdinand was the natural choice, but both Francis and Henry campaigned heavily for the title, bribing the Electors.

When in Hungary also came under his power he ruled half of Europe. Wolsey saw the opportunity of benefiting from the ancient rivalry between the houses of Hapsburg Charles and Valois Francis and began negotiations with both.

The Cardinal was in charge of the arrangements for this meeting which was to become "one of the most expensive charades ever staged in history, the Field of Cloth of Gold.

Thomas Wolsey: Biography, Portrait, Facts & Information

This was the first time the Queen met her nephew. Charles wanted to persuade Henry not to meet with Francis, but Henry explained he must and arranged to meet with Charles in Flanders afterwards. The Field of Cloth of Gold took place on 7 June,and continued for three weeks of festivities, each monarch trying to outdo the other in splendor.

Talk:Thomas Wolsey/Archive 1 - Wikipedia Thomas Wolsey was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, around His father, who is thought to have been a butcher, provided a good education and he went on to Magdalen College, Oxford.

Henry and Francis signed a treaty of friendship, but as the Venetian embassador noted, "these sovereigns are not at peace. They hate each other cordially.

On July 14,Henry signed a treaty with Charles in which both parties agreed not to make any new alliances with France for the next two years.Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey: Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey, cardinal and statesman who dominated the government of England’s King Henry VIII from to His unpopularity contributed, upon his downfall, to the anticlerical reaction that was a factor in the English Reformation.

The son of a butcher of Ipswich, Wolsey was. Thomas Wolsey (c. March – 29 November ; sometimes spelled Woolsey or Wulcy) was an English churchman, statesman and a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. When Henry VIII became King of England in , Wolsey became the King's almoner.

Wolsey's affairs prospered, and by he had become the controlling . Thomas Cromwell: The King's Collaborator, Margaret Pole, Thomas More, John Fisher, 4 DVD Film Set, DVD, Tudor England, The Tudors, King Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey, Reformer, England in the 16th Century, Tower Hill, History, British History, Faith and Spirituality.

THOMAS, CARDINAL WOLSEY was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, possibly in His father Robert Wulcy was a butcher, innkeeper, and cattle dealer. Wolsey studied at Magdalen College, Oxford, taking his B.A. in , and an M.A. in On March 10, he was ordained priest, and in October, English cardinal and statesman, born at Ipswich about , was son of Robert Wolsey (or Wuley, as his name was always spelled) by his wife Joan.

His father is generally described as a butcher, but he sold other things than meat; and although a man of some property and a churchwarden of St.

Nicholas Religion. This account of Thomas Wolsey’s fall from royal favor was written by the Tudor chronicler Edward Hall. Wolsey was born c and eventually held the titles Cardinal-Archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor.

Cardinal Thomas Wolsey Death & Fall From Grace