The sottonism

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The sottonism

As it is loosely defined, the trending topics show what is buzzworthy in a particular area at any given time. In this way, the 9. This year, the Philippine trending topics have seen a lot of action.

Besides fan clubs fervently trying to make their favorite celebrities popular, and people asking for 25factsabout you, Filipino tweeps have used Twitter as an avenue to discuss timely national issues and personalities, as well as to encourage action.

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The torrential rains were brought about by the habagat which was intensified by a storm outside the PAR. At first, the hashtag was used for tweets containing famous quotes or song lyrics that were translated from English to Filipino and vice versa as tweeps mocked Sen.

Kennedy's speech into Filipino without attribution. As other variations of Sinotto came about like Sottocopy, Sottonism, and others, the hashtag was then meant to refer to anything plagiarized or copied without proper attribution.

More than being a testament to Filipino humor and originality, the creation and use of Sinotto showed how the online community can spur mass actions on controversial issues.

This year, Pacman faced off with Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez in two epic fights that had netizens glued to their smartphones too, as they followed the flurry of live tweets.

As expected, dejected Pinoy tweeps took to the trending topics to show their support for Pacman. When Pacquiao lost to Bradley via unanimous decision, RIPBoxing took the top spot on the trending topics, with fans showing their disgust over what they called a questionable decision.

The cellphone video went viral on Facebook on the same day and garnered more than 68, shares and 17, shares. A lot of discussion ensued afterward about cyberbullying, and if the video should have been posted publicly online at all, given that viewers will make judgments about what was filmed, without knowing the context of the incident.

Paula Salvosa did air her side that same day, saying she was not treated well by the guard and that was what caused the confrontation.

The sottonism

Nevertheless, we all learned something from Amalayer: The local trending topics were on fire with well-wishes for the year old beauty, who seemed to have a great chance of bringing home the Miss Universe title. Miss Philippines trended worldwide after the coronation and stayed on the trends for hours afterward.

This Filipina-Mexican-American powerhouse became a fan favorite and a serious contender for the American Idol title. Jessica Sanchez blew away the crowd and the judges, even impressing Jennifer Lopez so much that she saved the year-old from elimination.

While Jessica did not win American Idol, her fans made sure that the Twitterverse knew how proud they are of her as her name trended for hours after the competition.

Words of condolences poured out both online and offline. Jesse Robredo crashed off the island of Masbate. As the nation waited for news on TV, radio, and print, netizens also turned to Twitter for updates as well as offer their concern for Sec.

When search and rescue teams finally recovered the plane wreckage along with the confirmation that the secretary has perished in the accident, tweets of sympathy poured out. It was a welcome gift to those who have been lobbying for its passage--not just the lawmakers themselves, but those who took to Twitter to express their opinions about the law, whether pro or anti.

The hashtags RHBill and SinTaxBill were mainstays on the local trending topics for much of the second half of the year. While politicians debated various parts of the law in their sessions, netizens also kept up the debate on Twitter.

Corona was convicted for betrayal of public trust and culpable violation of the Philippine Constitution and was duly impeached from the highest position in the Philippine justice system. Such an important event was closely followed by the media, even broadcasting every session live on national TV.

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As people tuned in to their TV sets, netizens also saw the trial unfold on Twitter. Media organizations as well as political analysts and other government watchdogs captured the drama via livetweets, bringing the fiery exchanges among prosecution, defense, and judges to netizens everywhere.

Impeachment trial-related hashtags trended early in the morning, lasted for hours throughout the day and even after the Senate President has put down his gavel. Tweeps also hung on the words of every senator-judge, particularly Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago with her ferocious wit and humor and Sen.

The amount of attention and the volume of tweets generated by the impeachment trial not only on Twitter but on social media showed the increasing number of Filipinos who keep themselves updated with political and national issues.

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The sottonism

1 Post A Day Challenge – Entry # This is not a love story. As much as I would want to write mine, I can’t. I’ve been meaning to write a love story (probably fiction) but I think I need more life experience as material to pull that off.

Overview. Montanism is derived from Montanus, a “monk” who was a former priest of Cybele in Asia Minor in either or He claimed that he was given the gift of speaking in tongues, and proceeded to give many revelations concerning the “end of the world.”.

Montanism was founded by a man named Montanus, who suddenly announced that he was a prophet, speaking with the voice of the Paraclete, the “helper” that Christ had promised to send. We know little about who he was, prior to this. The Sottonism. Middle School or Elementary School graduation speech canuwrite - The Sottonism introduction.

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