The pit of human depravity essay

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The pit of human depravity essay

This is Nathan Rambukkana: Meet your new overlord.

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This is Nathan Rambukkana. As an Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, he came to public attention this weekend by confirming in the most clear manner that Jordan Peterson is right. I will leave that provocation aside for a moment in order to let Prof.

Rambukkana identify his work: It is situated disciplinarily at the nexus of communication and cultural studies; methodologically within discourse analysis; and draws theoretical energy from a wide range of sources such as feminist, queer, postcolonial, and critical race theories; semiotics, affect theory, event theory and psychoanalysis.

I invite the curious to pursue Prof. His personal musings are found at Complexsingularities. Have entire lines of thought been criminalized in Canada by C? The answer is no, not yet, but the practical effect of Bill C, which deals with gender identity and gender expression is already seen in the assertions of Professor Rambukkana.


Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, it does not. In other words, pronoun misuse may become actionable, though the Human Rights Tribunals and courts.

Monetary damages, non-financial remedies for example, ceasing the discriminatory practice or reinstatement to job and public interest remedies for example, changing hiring practices or developing non-discriminatory policies and procedures.

The pit of human depravity essay

Jail time is not one of them. The provision provides that evidence that an offence is motivated by bias, prejudice or hate can be taken into account by courts in sentencing. The list already includes race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation or any other similar factor.

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Those who argue in recondite legal articles about the limits of free speech need to carefully consider what happens to laws when they are interpreted in daily life by faculty committees and other sources of authority, especially those who have an interest in suppressing discussion.

Jared Brown, in another interpretation of C, from a point of view more favourable to the principle of free speech, takes a different view. The text of the federal act on this matter was copied from earlier Ontario legislation to the same effect.

Further, in the event that your personal or religious beliefs do not recognize genders beyond simply male and female ie. It is the OHRC policy requirement that persons must use the pronouns required by the portion of transgendered individuals making that demand that constitutes compelled speech.

Brown also points out that failure to comply with a finding of the Ontario Human Rights Commission could entail — requirements to communicate or publish an apology or a publication of the facts of the case and the resulting order; -non-defamation or gag orders to refrain from making further offending statements ; -non-defamation publication bans to refrain from printing further offending statements ; — orders to undertake sensitivity or anti-bias training.

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As Brown points out, you can go to jail for contempt of one of these orders, indefinitely. Further a judge can issue a warrant for the arrest of any person against whom a contempt order is sought.

Thus while C does not deal with criminal law as its central point, its provisions affect the interpretation of hate crimes, which are criminal in nature. The Bill also creates the atmosphere of ideas wherein the not too clever can assert that entire avenues of discourse are now illegal.

As has Professor Rambukkana. You may seek to convey your views to Professor Rambukkana. This debate is not, as the left asserts, about respect, dignity and equality. This is about causing masses of people not to speak what is on their minds, and that is the iron mask.

It is the hallmark of the totalitarian regime, and it is here now.Table of Contents. Vic Biorseth, Tuesday, July 30, This webpage was inspired by comments from John of Escondido, California, whose motivating comments can be seen after the Of Lies and Liars webpage.

John recommended an "executive summary" of each webpage, which seemed at first to present a daunting task. There are No Four-Point Calvinists. Within the Dispensational theological camp there are quite a number of so-called four-point Calvinists. This means that while they fully embrace most Calvinistic soteriology, such as the biblical doctrine of irresistible grace, yet they believe Christ died with the same universal intent for all humanity.

Separate swim periods for women pit NYT against city’s Orthodox. Separate swim periods for women pit NYT against city’s Orthodox In the midst of bearing witness to human depravity. Tragedy (from the Greek: τραγῳδία, tragōidia) is a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in audiences.

While many cultures have developed forms that provoke this paradoxical response, the term tragedy often refers to a specific tradition of drama that has played a unique and important role historically in the self-definition of.

In Macbeth, “Fair is foul, and foul is fair” is a motif that runs throughout the play.

Hollywood, Image, Glamour, Illusion and the Occult | End Times Prophecy Report Some of our readers will probably be very disappointed when they see the title, deeming the subject quite unattractive and unedifying.

At the most basic level, it means that appearances can be deceiving: that which seems “fair” and good. Netanyahu’s regime is digging a deep pit of fear, racism, and authoritarianism to divide us from each other.

In the midst of bearing witness to .

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