The computing profession computing ethics essay

The founder of this new philosophical field was the American scholar Norbert Wiener, a professor of mathematics and engineering at MIT. During the Second World War, together with colleagues in America and Great Britain, Wiener helped to develop electronic computers and other new and powerful information technologies.

The computing profession computing ethics essay

More Essay Examples on Computing Rubric The issue of internet censorship has generated much heat and debate not only in Australia but across the global. Although, the Australian government could be harboring good intentions for its citizens and internet users in general, the controversy surrounding this policy has been centered on ethical issues of information flow and responsibility.

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The Australian Computer Society clearly spells out in its code of ethics regarding values and morals governing its members, these clauses in the ACS code of ethics has been contradicted and rendered ambiguous by certain case of hacking by individuals who claim to be acting unethically for the general good.

The consideration of introducing internet censorship may have emanated from the failure of the ACS codes to ease decision making process in respect to ethical issues. This failure is in part due to the vagueness of the code of ethics themselves. Ethics may be defined as set of moral values or standard of behavior for a particular group of people or society.

As such they are social constructs and therefore may differ from one group to another and members of the group may also differ when it comes to interpretation of ambiguous clauses.

The ACS code of ethics were formulated to set guidelines for ethical decision making, but the ambiguity within the codes themselves has alerted the government to step in and provide security for certain information.

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The ACS starts by warning that: These two statements illustrate the loopholes in the ACS codes of conduct. It leaves the issue of making ethical decision to the discretion of the professionals and therefore what ones deem good to profession computing in certain ambiguous and contentious ethical issues is better decided by the individual.

This behavior was therefore unethical, but Mackey argued in defense that he intended to alert the university about the vulnerability of its information and network.

In line with this argument, Mackey upheld clause 4.

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It is such ambiguity that has alerted the Australian government about the need to have the internet censorship. Winners and Losers Currently the world is fast becoming a global village. With improvements in modern technologies, access to information and communication has been enhanced as never before.

There are a number of homes that can now access internet and equally larger number with more than one computer connected to internet. The Australian government intention to censor internet contents would rub others the wrong way but definitely would be beneficial to others.


According to the Lohman the current government plans to implement the ISP-level filtering could drive small ISP companies in Australia out of business. The implementation of such a policy would negatively impact the smaller ISPs in terms of costs for managing the implementation of the ISP-level filtering.

Costs associated with such a program are huge and can be detrimental to the smaller ISPs and would consequently, threaten their operation and continued existence. On the other hand, the bigger ISPs like Optus and Telstra are believed to be the bigger beneficiaries of such a program Lohman, Although, they may not reap a lot of benefits in terms of huge profits, the ISP-level filter would certainly wipe out some competitors making the business landscape plainer for them.

The cost of managing and implementing the ISP-level filtering are estimated to be too high and only bigger ISP firms may be able to remain afloat when such a program goes underway. According to Lohman the filtering equipments can be very cheap and affordable to all ISPs, but it is the cost of maintenance that would definitely cause worries to some ISPs.

The cost of maintenance related to customer enquiries about filters, and complaints about certain contents that should have been filtered but were not; something that should be done by the Australian Communication and Media Authority would be quite expensive to some smaller ISPs.

Moreover, the implementation of ISP-level filtering would mean that ISP firms contending with some changes in customer care relations. The firms would have to invest in call centre training, customer relationship management systems and upgrading, and would also have to effect changes in their billing systems.

The smaller ISP firms would also have to deal with other costs related to filtering services operation which may be difficult to quantify.

The computing profession computing ethics essay

Such costs may be related to the impact of the service on the brand value considering that the process of filtering is such an erroneous issue and also a performance related service Lohman, Furthermore, the smaller ISP firms would not have enough in-house technical expertise required to set up as well as maintain all the filtering solutions.

This therefore means that they would have to outsource such services at a cost that may threaten their continued operations. But perhaps the greatest beneficiaries would be the parents and children of Australia.

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It is intended to bring about cyber-safety and protection of internet users especially children against certain undesired and damaging contents. Parents and teachers would not have to worry of their children and students being exposed to pornographic materials, violence and hate crimes, and other addictive sites like Facebook, and MySpace.

However, despite the celebration by teachers and parents, internet filtering would greatly affect access to certain important information that would be blocked at the discretion of the government.

Module options | Goldsmiths, University of London Share The notion of what constitutes a profession has been studied extensively through exploration of the attributes of the activities, roles, and community that lead to their rise, definition, and how they achieve importance and influence and society.

Every one in Australia would suffer as there would no free flow of information. The greatest concern is that the political leaders would use internet filtering to censor information and ideas that are not popular with the political elite. This would lead to discrimination in terms of access to information and further cause restriction as well as suppression of non-conforming expressions.

Considering the ethical implications of internet filtering and the potential beneficiaries and losers of such policies, the implementation of the whole program can be a challenging one.

Taking into account these challenges, an implementer must consider the opposing views and the general good of the project on society. With the ACS codes only proving ambiguous and vague as far as ethical decisions are concerned and many Internet Service Providers opposing the implementation of internet filtering, it would be wise for an implementer to take into consideration not only the general good filtering would have but also the opposing views on this controversial issue.The thunder-and-lightning example seems like a bad comparison for this kind of situation, in that the false claim is (1) easily observable to be untrue, and (2) utterly useless to the society that propagates it.

Professional Ethics and Codes of Conduct - Morals and values is something that every individual may uphold in life. So similar to such, so do professional organizations, especially those within the human services profession. Computer Ethics Essays (Examples) Filter results by: Essay Paper #: Ethics and Computing in Computer Science EMPOWERMENT AND RESPONSIILITY Errors and Hazards and Their Consequences Despite the best of care and talent, computation is subject to uncertainties, which experts call "errors (Landau, )." .

Computer ethics is a part of practical philosophy concerned with how computing professionals should make decisions regarding professional and social conduct.

In the journal held an essay contest on the topic of computer ethics and published the winning essays in its best-selling special issue, “Computers and Ethics.”.

7. Being a good computer professional: The advantages of virtue ethics in computing Richard Volkman Southern Connecticut State University Introduction. About ACM. ACM, the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession.

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