The collapse of the affirmative action in america

In fact, the origins of government lie in the need of agricultural communities to protect themselves from violence and theft. So it is particularly ironic that in more recent times, it is government itself that has more frequently played the role of bandit.

The collapse of the affirmative action in america

Now, as the Syrian crisis flares up on President Trump's Twitter and the media, there is tough talk aplenty. We may even see ships being moved into position, or hear the distant roar of aircraft being moved from base to base. Inevitably there are those who say war never solved anything not quite true and that what is needed is a political solution.

But, then, this is countered with the idea that talk is cheap and that there is only one language certain people [fill in blank] understand. But while everyone seems to be divided, there is a consensus on one thing, that, necessary or not, war is a pretty bad thing.

But is that really true? Is war really the worst option here? We definitely want it to collapse before it has a chance to infect every part of the globe with its vile bacillus.

The West is ascendant everywhere. Radical Islam has become its tool, while Islamic countries are swarmed by its porn and materialism — and very soon its other vices. China too is hardly immune to its lowest common denominator acid, and, with its heavily gendercided, male-slanted population of the future, it may well be an ideal candidate for the West's vile experiments in gender deconstruction.

The unimaginative think that Western and in particular American power — the black cancerous heart of the West — stems from Uncle Sam's mighty military machine, but the fact is that the mould and metastasising cancerousness of the West grows through soft power, by incremental creeping, the same way that rot works, the same way a frog is boiled.

Such corruption requires peace and the allaying of all heroic and spiritual values. This is also the reason why, when you strip away the smoke and mirrors of the controlled narrative, the West is militarily weak.

Sure, with enough money you can put on a nice fireworks display occasionally, as we did last April. But with one cruise missile costing X million dollars, you might actually want to use professional firework artists to get more flash — if not bang — for your buck.

And let's actually look at the record.

The collapse of the affirmative action in america

The West is Mars's bitch. SinceAmerica has been involved in the following five major conflagrations.

The collapse of the affirmative action in america

It has not done very well: Clearly this is an abysmal record for a global hegemon. And let's remember that none of these wars really involved top notch opponents — even in Korea the Chinese had just come out of their own debilitating civil war and occupation by the Japanese. In addition to these "major" conflicts, the US has also been humiliatingly kicked out of places like the Lebanon and Somalia by rag-tag outfits.

So, if America knows what's good for it, it will avoid war like the plague. But, conversely, for those of us who wish to see the downfall of the American Empire, American involvement in war has its undoubted attractions.

Back in when it looked like America would attack Syria and Iran, I secretly hoped that it would, and in the process get bogged down in a real meat grinder with escalating costs and — yes — a rising death toll. Perhaps deterring the West from this move was Putin's great mistake.

Of course I abhor the costs of war, especially the sacrifice of the innocent and the bravest, but considering the state of our civilisation, we also have to abhor the costs of peace.

The 18th-century churchman Beilby Porteus expressed much the same thoughts in "Death: Would health, and strength, and youth Defy his power? Has he no arts in store, No other shafts save those of war? Ev'n in the smile of Peace, that smile which sheds A heavenly sunshine o'er the soul, there basks That serpent Luxury: War its thousands slays, Peace its ten thousandsMar 18,  · Progressives are bracing for a devastating defeat in the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on the affirmative action case Fisher v.

University of Texas. For white and Asian Americans to focus this much rage on a few hundred black affirmative action students and demand that black taxpayers in Michigan, Texas etc pay to educate Asians who just arrived in America is an obscenity.

NO ONE EVER EXPECTED AFFIRMA- tive action to succumb without a whimper. And if the Proposition battle is any indication, death will be fought every inch of the way. From the moment the so. b) Obama was the first African American nominated by either party.

c) John McCain was the oldest candidate for the presidency d) the Internet was used to get grassroots support. The Total Collapse of America’s Anglo-Saxon Ruling Class, part 1 Bradford Hanson He had complained many times to me about race riots, increasing rates of tax, welfare for blacks, affirmative action and how these and other liberal based policies were destroying America.

He even said that he hoped I was not a liberal.

While affirmative action casting is taken as a self-evident good by many media outlets, casting white actors in non-white roles is blasted as “whitewashing.” Even the most politically correct actors now find themselves accused of it, and some have pulled out of projects lest they be called racist.