Swot analysis of dutch bangla bank limited

DBBL extends finance to the importers in the form of: Foreign Remittance DBBL provides premium quality service for repatriation and collection of remittance with the help of its first class correspondents and trained personnel. By introducing on-line banking service and becoming a SWIFT Alliance Access Member, which enable its branches to send and receive payment instruction directly, which helps provide premium services. Remittance services provided by DBBL are:

Swot analysis of dutch bangla bank limited

Swot analysis of dutch bangla bank limited

Default risk management is a dynamic field where a certain standard of long-range planning is needed to allocate the fund in diverse field and to minimize the risk and maximizing the return on the invested fund. The objective of the default risk management is to maximize the performing asset and the minimization of the non-performing asset as well as ensuring the optimal point of loan and advance and their efficient management.

Continuous supervision, monitoring and follow-up are highly required for ensuring the timely repayment and minimizing the default. The overall success in credit management depends on the banks credit policy, portfolio of credit, monitoring, supervision and follow-up of the loan and advance.

Therefore, while analyzing the credit management of banks, each risk managers or risk officers are required to analyze its credit policy, credit procedure and quality of credit portfolio. This report points out the various functions and activities of default risk management and also explains the basic framework of regulations and policies regarding default risk management, that are exist in Bangladesh.

This report divided into seven chapters. It also reflects the default risk management practices followed by the EXIM bank limited: Its Loan classification, provisioning, loan monitoring, supervision, follow-up and review-Early alert process, credit recovery and NPL account management- legal and non legal measures for recovery of loans.

Then I have done stress testing for default risk to find out the impact of increase in the level of nonperforming loans of the bank.

It involves six types of shocks. The first deals with the increase in the NPLs and the respective provisioning. The second deals with the negative shift in the NPLs categories and hence the increase in respective provisioning.

The third deals with the fall in the forced sale value FSV of mortgaged collateral. The fourth deals with the increase of the NPLs in particular 1 or 2 sector i. The fifth deals with the increase of the NPLs due to default of Top 10 large borrowers and the respective provisioning.

The sixth deals with extreme events in which due to increase in the certain percentage of NPLs, the whole capital position of a bank will be wiped out to offset the increased amount of provision due to cover respective loan losses.

But in major shocks the bank is exposed to risk to losing capital adequacy according to the required CAR. From regression analysis it has been found that there exists strong relationship between profitability and amount of loan disbursement of EXIM bank.

In fine, this report contains some findings and recommendations, which may be helpful for the Bank. Modern banks play an important part in promoting economic development of a country. Bank provides necessary funds for executing various programmers underway in the process of economic development.

They collect savings of large masses of people scattered throughout the country, which in the absence of the banks would have remained ideal and unproductive. Economy of Bangladesh is in the group of world's most underdeveloped economies. One of the reasons may be its underdeveloped banking system.

Government as well as different international organizations have also identified that underdeveloped banking system causes some obstacles to the process of economic development. So they have highly recommended for reforming financial sector. Banks are becoming more important to the economy as a whole and to local communities day by day.

Certainly banks can be identified by the functions service or role they perform in the economy. Bank is a financial intermediary accepting deposits and granting loans; offers the widest menu of services of any financial institution.

Banks are the most important financial institution in the economy. They are the principle sources of credit loan able funds for millions of individuals and families for many units of the government.

The fact that banks creates money, which impacts the vitality of the economy.

Subject: “Macro Economics” Assignment Topic: Past 5 years concept of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Dutch Bangla Bank Limited Dutch-Bangla Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to be fully automated and introduce Electronic Banking. The automation was completed in , but further additions and features are continuously being added . Lanka Bangla Investments Limited. City Centre, Level, 90/1 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka SWOT ANALYSIS; (c) Analysis of the financial statements of last five years with reason(s) of fluctuating revenue or sales, other 04 AB Bank Limited (Rights Issue) 45,, And Exim Bank Ltd. mainly focus on export-import business, that‘s way their name is Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited. SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis is the detailed study of an organization‘s exposure and potential in perspective of its.

Bank provides individuals and business with loans that support consumption and investment spending. Financial Institution perform the essential economic function of channeling funds from people who have saved surplus funds by spending less than their income to people who have a shortage of funds because they wish to spend more than their income.

The channeling of fund from savers to spenders is so important to the economy because people who save are frequently not the same people who have profitable investment opportunities available to them. It mainly consists of export, import and other foreign remittance. Direct Investment, export import and foreign remittance etc.About HTML Preprocessors.

HTML preprocessors can make writing HTML more powerful or convenient. For instance, Markdown is designed to be easier to write and read for . Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) is a public limited company by shares, incorporated in Bangladesh in the year under companies Act With 30% equity holding, the Netherlands Development Finance company (FMO) of the Netherlands is the international co-sponsor of the Bank.

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The scope of the study is limited to the Dhanmondi branch only. you are eligible to get the password for accessing internet attheheels.com-Bangla Bank is one of the leading banks in attheheels.com functions and mostly the Internet Banking of the bank.

Lanka Bangla Investments Limited. City Centre, Level, 90/1 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka SWOT ANALYSIS; (c) Analysis of the financial statements of last five years with reason(s) of fluctuating revenue or sales, other 04 AB Bank Limited (Rights Issue) 45,, Csr of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (Dbbl) Words | 10 Pages study: Corporate Social Responsibility of Dutch Bangla Bank Abstract: In this article, we have tried to give a comparative picture of corporate social responsibilities (CSR) of DBBL.

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