Research paper on tanzania

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Research paper on tanzania

Tanzanians have a life expectancy of Culturally, Tanzanians are made up of different tribes, each speaking their own mother tongue. The official languages of Tanzania are Kiswahili and English, with English being the main language in commerce, administration, and higher education CIA: Kiswahili is a mix of Bantu languages, English, and Arabic, and is indicative of the millennia old history of trade with the outside world.

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Records of trade routes with the Middle East date back to the 1st century AD govt web: Zanzibar and the coastal town of Bagamoya were the hubs of the East African slave trade, active for well over a thousand years pilot. While the early slave trade with the Middle East existed only on a small scale, transporting around slaves at a time, the appearance of Europeans in the 17th century ratcheted up the trade to a much larger scale and level of organization, at its height moving 15, slaves a year out of East Africa pilot.

Serious efforts to end the slave trade began in the 19th century, though the trade continued through the German occupation of then German East Africa in the latter part of the century. Tanganyika attained independence from British rule in and Zanzibar followed soon after inending the existence of the British mandated territory.

Tanzania was formed in by uniting the mainland, Tanganyika, and the islands of Zanzibar. An excerpt from the Tanzanian National Website displays an interesting official interpretation of the lingering effects of centuries of occupation by foreigners my emphasis: During the domination of Tanzania by Germans, British and Arabs, the indigenous people were decimated, lost their destiny and cultural identity, were economically exploited and their technology disrupted.

However, the worst evil of all committed by colonialists has been their wishful intent to discourage individual initiative to venture, discover, make attempts and to fabricate. The outcome is the current dependency status! Politics and Privatization After independence was established in the sixties, Tanzania entered a long period of socialism where the economy, and hence all private investor-owned property, was nationalized AETC: In subsequent decades, many of the public enterprises suffered from bad management and a lack of financial viability leading to a failing Tanzanian economy.

In the government finally reformed its political system, allowing the formation of political parties ibid. The same year the Tanzanian government announced the establishment of the Parastatal Sector Reform Commission PSRC signaling its intention to privatize all of the state-owned enterprises in an effort to rejuvenate the economy, making Tanzania more competitive in the global market prctz.

In an effort to attract investors and decrease risk perception, the government signed international treaties committing never to nationalize private property again AETC: PSRC expanded the policy in to include private sector participation in utilities and infrastructure ventures prctz.

According to the PSRC website, currently public enterprises have been taken over by the private sector. Let's take a brief look at the history of Tanesco and electricity provision in Tanzania: Tanesco Tanesco is a traditional verticallyLatest research from the World Bank on development in Tanzania, including reports, studies, publications, working papers and articles.

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Research paper on tanzania

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Better Urban Growth in Tanzania: A Preliminary Exploration of the Opportunities and Challenges. Discussion Paper | By Leah Worrall, Sarah Colenbrander, Ian Palmer, Fortunata Makene, Desmond Mushi, Tausi Kida, Mussa Martine, and Nick Godfrey. Research papers on education in tanzania primary.

Research papers on education in tanzania primary.

Research paper on tanzania

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