Provide an overview of business planning techniques

The economy The regulatory environment It is rare to find all seven of these factors having critical importance.

Provide an overview of business planning techniques

The imperative to improve and assure the quality and safety of services is of paramount importance to clinical providers, managers, and executive leadership. This course builds on the basic principles, concepts, tools, and analytic methods addressed in HLTH Among the topics explored in this advanced course are: The course will provide a foundation for the learner to: Compare and contrast definitions of quality from a variety of stakeholder perspectives.

Explore sense-making and its applicability to transformational change in healthcare quality. Identify leadership strategies for establishing an organization-wide culture of safety.

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Apply essential healthcare team concepts, especially collegiality and collaboration, in complex circumstances of quality improvement. Define mistake-proofing and mistake-proofing approaches and design applied to patient safety. Apply reliability principles to performance improvement in complex systems.

Complete an actual healthcare performance improvement project that involves the use of knowledge and skills acquired in the pre-requisite course HLTH Performance Improvement and Patient Safety as well as this course.

The Future of Healthcare Credits: Innovations in technology, products, practices, and organization are continually re-shaping healthcare. The outcomes of healthcare innovation will evolve, as will the processes through which innovation is developed and then adopted by healthcare providers and consumers.

For these reasons, every healthcare leader and manager must understand the causes and effects of innovation, as well as how to successfully initiate and manage innovation. The primary purpose of this course is to build students' skills as both thinkers and doers, helping them to better understand, work with, develop and lead innovation in healthcare.

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The course explores some of the leading prompters of innovation and examples of innovation in the organization and delivery of healthcare services, as well as the development and use of innovations in personal healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic equipment.

In particular, the course explores how innovation happens-i. Those players include healthcare professionals and delivery organizations, university researchers, medical products and technology companies, government agencies and entrepreneurs.

provide an overview of business planning techniques

The course also examines healthcare innovations that are expected-and hoped for-in the future. This will enable students to become better futurists who can anticipate innovations and their implications for healthcare and, as a result, position themselves as effective leaders, managers and consumers of innovation.

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provide an overview of business planning techniques

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