Projec on consumer behaviour toward parle buscuits

Padmaja Madhavan D Mart Age: Yes No 2 How often do you shop at d mart? Monthly fortnightly weekly need based 3 What would you say is the best reason for you to shop at d mart? Yes No 6 How would u rate the quality of the products in d mart Extremely satisfied Satisfied Good Not satisfied 7 Do u have a budget while shopping?

Projec on consumer behaviour toward parle buscuits

Everyday, we buy and consume variety of goods and services that vary with our tastes and preferences.

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Moreover, each consumes is unique, and this uniqueness is reflected in their consumption behavior and pattern, and also purchases decisions.

Studying the consumer behavior is thus, helpful in understanding the purchase decisions and performances of different consumers for a particular commodity or service. Conceptually, consumer behavior is "the study of individuals, groups or organization and the processes they use the dispose, for products, services, experiences or ideas to satisfy the needs and impact that these processes have on consumer and society" 'Biscuits' are commonly consumed by our society.

It is not an essential part of diet but its use is continuously going on for small or little hunger or for taste or for status people use to eat biscuits.

Previously when biscuit were not so popular for diet purpose, it was used as a diet for patients for kids for energy and taste, respectively.

Now days, if we talk about our country, biscuits are consumed by a large part of our population. It is only a status symbol but we can say that there is a trend of eating biscuits in our country. This is a type of food easily available anywhere as well as in reasonable prices.

Biscuits are generally used for taste and small hunger but the people should consume biscuits in optimum quality because its excessive use can harm body like any other sweet and it should use as a snacks or a energy provide in case of sick persons.

Biscuits may be classified broadly in the three categories: As it contains glucose, it provides you instant energy and also gives you good taste.


Generally it is consumed by kids but may be choice of anybody. People use to eat these kinds of biscuits for the sake of taste not for the sake of energy. This study had to be performed in order - 1. By keeping in view the importance of consumer behavior, the present study dealt with the factors influencing the consumers purchase decisions for biscuits.

To demarcate between the individual or group preference, e. To find that the people know the effects of over eating of biscuits and other side effects 4.

To find out why the person eat the biscuits for taste, hunger, pleasure, status, or for some other reason. Objectives of the Project Report Objectives: Since the price war between various companies manufacturing biscuits has under gone a classic change, hence the varies queries in this survey fulfill the under mentioned.

To know the Price Consideration of different biscuits present in the market.

Projec on consumer behaviour toward parle buscuits

To know about Advertisement Effects on consumers towards Vijay Biscuits. To find out the Packing Effect on consumers mind. To know about the after effect of Biscuits consumption.

Some of the factors are: Cultural Factors on Consumers: Culture is the most important determinants of the individual's needs, wants and liking, hence it frame the set of values, perception, preferences in the individuals which guides the consumer liking.

Psychological factors on Consumers: Different psychological factors may be: An individual has many needs at a given time.

Projec on consumer behaviour toward parle buscuits

The needs may be activated due to physiological or psychological States.behaviour are the Quantity of the Wipes & Price of the Wipes. This Research Paper is the outcome of the Research conducted during the Internship Project with Future Consumer Limited. is world's leading management education focused social learning platform.

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A Project Study Report On Training Undertaken at“CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS IN PARLE PRODUCT” Submitted in partial fulfillment for t Scribd is the 5/5(6). In order to present a quantifiable data, a questionnaire was designed and both the retailers as well as the customers were surveyed to find attitude of traditional retail toward modern retail and Consumer’s buying behavior and preference for the various types of biscuits.

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