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About The Store is Open About the store: We carry mainly writing paper - pads, notebooks, letter sets, and accessories - mostly from Japan. If you have any questions or are not sure what you need, please feel free to contact us via the "About" link. The only change is to the slip cover - there's a small circle-logo in the front.

Paper pads

Made with durable Rite in the Rain paper to protect your notes and drawings in wet or damp conditions. The paper pads are 3-hole punched for use in 3-ring binders.

They also fit perfectly in our field desk with clipboard.

The glue-binding at the top allows you to easily and neatly tear off a sheet. The rigid cardboard back makes a nice writing surface.

Gummed Pads

Recommended for use with our waterproof pens or mechanical pencils for best results. The Rite in the Rain paper will protect your valuable notes in wet or damp conditions. The paper pads are standard 8.

The pads also fit perfectly in our field desks that will keep you organized while you work. Pads are bound at the top with glue and have a rigid cardboard backing for easy writing.

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Recommended for use with our waterproof pens or mechanical pencils. Use it to carry your papers, pads and writing implements in the field. The lid of the clipboard closes tightly with a lip that overlaps the tray below.

The lid and the tray are hinged and held in the closed position with a durable snap closure. This will keep your notes protected in almost any weather conditions short of a hurricane.

The top closes tightly and will keep your notes dry during a quick dunking, but if you submerge the field desk some water will seep in. Full information on the field desk is here.Live by your lists?

Then our list pads will suit you perfectly.

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There are shopping list pads, to-do list pads and weekly list pads So wherever your list obsessesion lies, we have it covered.

Explore the range here and start giving your to-do list a ticking off. Paper Moving Pads - 60 x 72" Enlarge Cushion and protect against dust, dirt, minor nicks and scratches during moving.

Paper pads

Rx Security has been an industry leader for over 2 decades, serving satisfied clients across North America. Our prescription pads, Rx paper and EMR forms are state-of-the-art, counterfeit- resistant and best of all, state-regulation compliant.

Notebooks, Clipboards & Paper Pads Shop our wide variety of premium paper notebooks and paper pads for your home, business, classroom. Our expansive selection includes everything from exercise notebooks for school to organizational books and memo pads for the office.

I ordered a package of these moving pads about a year and a half ago and absolutely loved them. Perfect for wood furniture to odd sized items that don't work well in boxes. 1st picture is what I sill had on one of my antique headboards.

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