Lance armstrong s doping and lying

He revealed a measure of the man that he is and this much is certain: If you never met this jerk, well, count your blessings.

Lance armstrong s doping and lying

His latest works Mea Maxima Culpa: The Story of Wikileaks have also been highly praised.

Lance armstrong s doping and lying

Lance Armstrong announced his return to professional cycling in August What did you know about him? Frank Marshall and Matt Tolmach [two Hollywood producers] had been developing a feature-film script — Matt Damon was going to star as Armstrong — but they didn't like the script, or they couldn't get it right, and they felt "Well, he's coming back so let's do it [as a documentary]", so I said that I was interested.

I was interested for a number of reasons, but I remember when I first went down to meet Armstrong, I told him, forthrightly, that I knew he rode a bicycle and was good at it, and that was about it.

Was that at his home? What was it about Armstrong that interested you? I was interested in his will, and I told them — Matt and Frank — that I was interested in that, both for the purest reasons and for the dark side of that will — that is to say that he might be a person that would do anything to win.

You've just said you didn't know anything about him. What did you know about this dark side? Look, you'd have to be blind not to know about the allegations of doping and I discussed that with Frank and Matt.

The original title was called The Road Back and the road back was … its literal meaning was a comeback story, but it had a double meaning — the road back to the past — that is to say "How does this comeback take us into the past?

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. And that seemed to me to be an interesting way into the story.

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Does that mean you weren't going to investigate his doping past? Or would it just be an element? It would be an element, it just wasn't going to be a film only about whether or not Lance Armstrong had doped. And in the context of today that seems hard to understand, but in the context of …There had been a lot of allegations about doping, but Armstrong was heralded and assumed by many, many people not to have doped.

And he could point to the fact that he had never tested positive.

History of Lance Armstrong doping allegations - Wikipedia

Right, but you're Alex Gibney, and you're a man who knows that there are many, many people who also think that the armed forces in Afghanistan are doing everything by the book.

So it's a bit different for you. But I think, looking back — and we're probably getting ahead of the story — I was intended to be the cinematic equivalent of Don Catlin [the American anti-doping scientist. In October,Armstrong announced he was going to subject himself to a transparent programme policed by Anti-Doping Sciences, a company founded by Don Catlin.

But of course that didn't end up happening.In , the UCI, world cycling’s governing body, stripped Armstrong of his wins, after an extensive U.S.

Lance armstrong s doping and lying

Anti-Doping Agency investigation concluded Armstrong led “the most sophisticated. Lance Armstrong’s body language does not match his verbal content. I think his lies caught up to him and he is confessing and saying sorry because he has to.

Stay tuned for my analysis of the Part II of the Oprah / Armstrong interview. Let’s get real, you can bet that even “Honest Abe” Lincoln told his fair share of little white lies. Simply, no one is perfect.

Even the NFL believed the Patriots’ Tom Brady lied about DeflateGate. Their lies may not be as big as Richard Nixon’s, Bernie Madoff’s or Lance Armstrong’s.

Lance Armstrong doping case - Wikipedia

A timely lesson for all of us. Tragedy, Aristotle taught us, requires that someone prominent fall from lofty heights. It is the sudden and abrupt plunge of a hero from his pedestal that defines a true misfortune. In that sense, according to some, the Lance Armstrong story surely qualifies.

According. Jan 19,  · Lance Armstrong says the most humbling moment in his doping scandal was being forced to step aside from the Livestrong charity he founded. In , the filmmaker set out to make The Road Back, about the cyclist's comeback, but found himself telling the story of sport's biggest cover-up, in The Armstrong Lie.

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