How to write a policy change memo

Review formatting guidelines for writing an effective memo. Date of memo example:

How to write a policy change memo

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However, here are a few guidelines that may help: Be concise Remember that being concise does not just mean the memo should be short; it means that it should be no longer than necessary.

Being concise does not mean leaving important things out; rather, it means don't write a paragraph when a sentence or two will do. However, some people may not be willing or able to make such a change: These people will continue driving but they would generally be likely to take fewer trips than before the tax.

Far too many words for the basic points being made!

how to write a policy change memo

People who can't switch would continue to drive, although they would probably drive fewer miles than before. Briefly explain the key mechanisms and make clear how your analysis links to underlying data.

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The reader has to take your word for it with no supporting evidence: The details can be put in a separate report to be circulated to people interested in the technical issues. Next, the percentage change in the price is multiplied by the price elasticity of demand for the good.

how to write a policy change memo

The elasticity shows the percentage change in the quantity demanded for a percentage change in the good's price. Multiplying it by the price change thus shows the percentage change in the amount of the good that will be demanded.

The demand elasticity for tires has been estimated to be in the range of The reader does not want to be taught how to do the calculation, she just wants to know the answer and how it's linked to input data.

For example, suppose you needed to report the average number of cigarettes consumed by women between the ages of 19 and It would be important for the reader to know whether the data was obtained by surveying women about their smoking habits or by observing the sales of cigarettes.

People tend to underreport their consumption of cigarettes so survey data would be biased downward. Identify the winners and losers It's very important to figure out who would be helped and who would be hurt by a proposal.

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After all, the point of public policy is to solve public problems and thereby make people at least some people better off.

No policy analysis is really complete until the winners and losers have been identified. In addition, knowing who gains and loses can be very helpful in anticipating how the political process will play out.This memo type Dixie wants to mention specifically.

'Memo to file', 'memo to files' or 'note to file' - you have probably come across one of these, they all actually mean the same thing.

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In , Congress established the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to provide the President and others within the Executive Office of the President with advice on the. The House Intelligence Committee has released a controversial, classified memo that Republicans say reveals improper government surveillance during the presidential campaign — and that the.

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