How to write a newspaper article english gcse aqa

Newspaper articles There are several different types of newspaper articles:

How to write a newspaper article english gcse aqa

Sample task and responses Task 'Libraries are relics from the past. Everything we need to know these days can be found online.

BBC Bitesize - GCSE English Language - Writing non-fiction - AQA - Revision 1

Library buildings could be put to better use as community spaces. The books are free which means no one has to waste their money on more books and can just borrow them and have them on loan.

So we should keep libraries so we can use books and double check the things we read online or find out more about it all. For now though, they are good. Feedback — basic Attempts to use formal Standard English. Paragraphs would help to make this piece easier to follow.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Task 1: writing a weekly newspaper opinion piece

Some sentences run on and would be better split into shorter sentences. Develop each point in more detail. Attempt two Books are Better Libraries are places of learning and have been used by students for many centuries.

They are valuable to society and let people have access to books without having to buy them. For many of us they are the place we develop a love of books. A lot of the information on the Internet is untrustworthy. Some sources that students use, such as Wikipedia, can be edited and have often been changed by members of the public just for a laugh.

Feedback — improving in the headline is effective.

how to write a newspaper article english gcse aqa

Establishes a clear and increasingly convincing argument. Language mostly appropriate for audience and form — Standard English used throughout.Hi guys I am retaking my English Language GCSE (I got a C) in about 6 days.

I have been looking for the articles you have in the exam for past papers. I . Generic checklist for self or peer assessment of newspaper article.


Space at bottom to put in next steps/improvement. 3 Turn over You need to refer to Source A and Source B for this question. Use details from both Sources. Write a summary of the differences between Eddie and Henry. [8 marks] 0 2. Writing a feature article A planning aid and writing frame to develop students' understanding of newspaper and magazine feature articles.

An interactive Sequencing task allows students to consider the appropriateness of writing techniques in . the purpose of your writing Your reader might be one particular person, as with an email or letter. Or it might be a broader group of people, as with an article or speech. AQA English is the popular choice for an overwhelming majority of teachers, due to our commitment to high-quality resources and specialist support.

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