How to write a good comedy sketch

Total absence of humor renders life impossible. Colette As the saying goes, "Funny is money. In my experience, writing funny, original dialogue comes naturally, just as spontaneously adlibbing funny, clever remarks does.

How to write a good comedy sketch

But once you find a subject, try not to approach it in an obvious way.

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You may have seen a sketch like this in Monty Python Working Backwards Sketches really should have a strong finish, so always work backwards. Think of the punchline first.

If that happens, throw the whole idea into the bin and move onto your next sketch title.

how to write a good comedy sketch

Start by writing the line immediately before the funny end line. Funny idea starts small and gets bigger and bigger, ending in chaos of ridiculous proportions. Sketches in which the bulk of the dialogue is a long list of funny items. The best example of this is "Cheese Shop" in Monty Python.

For example, sketch set on flight deck of aircraft. Sketches which use the sound of language itself to be funny. For example, use of the words "blobby" or "wobble" See, Mr. Getting a laugh from putting something modern in an historical setting Or, vice versa Example: Sir Walter Raleigh using a cigarette lighter.


Getting humour from large differences in scale. For example, a mouse trying to make love to an elephant.

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Edit Your Work When you have finished writing your sketch remember: Go back and look at it again. Then "Sleep On It". Go to bed and look at your material when you wake up in the morning. Go onto writing a new sketch. Be brutal with your own work.

Only try and sell work you are totally happy with. Hit Rate For every good sketch you write you should be throwing away about ten.

how to write a good comedy sketch

Think of sketch writing as being a totally disposable art form. Whatever you do, keep scribbling. Get Clues You must be persistent. Try and get a few clues as to what your man finds funny: Does he like Jim Carey or John Cleese? In the long term, this will help you to write material that he will buy.When I first started pursuing comedy, I was a complete newb.

I had very little experience on stage, and even less experience in writing. And by less I mean that point, the funniest thing I had written started with “yo mamma” and ended with a pun about Walmart. There are many ways to write a good and hilarious comedy script.

Few of them I have listed below: Strong Story with Compelling Jokes; There are many Online comedy blogs that always stress on one main point: a strong story with few jokes is better than a weak story with many jokes.

Your comic writing might be appreciated but the readers will feel lost towards the end, if the story is not engaging. Sketch comedy doesn't benefit from the audience's loyalty to characters, it's only as funny as its last joke. But its advantage is that it can embrace any setting, subject or situation.

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If you have experience making comedy or good insights to share then The Comedy Crowd community would love to . Ever thought you could write write a comedy sketch as good as the next guy? Writing razor-sharp dialogue may not be as easy as it looks.

Good comedy sketch writers observe their surroundings to learn what's funny and understand why. The first thing to do before you sit down and try and write a sketch, is to watch and read as many other comedy sketches as you can.

Go to the library, borrow books, videos, tapes, records, lock yourself away and watch sketches until they come out of your ears.

Writing Comedy Sketches That Sell