History of cuba essay

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History of cuba essay

The Miami Herald Three doctors who evaluated U. James Giordano told National Defense magazine. Department of State officials said in a congressional hearing that investigators still do not know how the attacks against U. The attacks began in late and the most recent was reported in May.

History of Cuba - Essay The dictator ruled by terror with a series of brutal policies, which left millions of his own citizens dead.

So far, 26 Americans have been affected with symptoms ranging from hearing loss, balance and cognitive problems, to brain damage. The team created by the government includes an expert in brain trauma and otolaryngology, Dr.

Michael Hoffer of the University of Miami, and Dr. Carey Balaban, professor of otolaryngology, bioengineering and neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh. Giordano, Hoffer and Balaban independently studied the first tests taken by those affected. The victims traveled to Miami to be evaluated and Hoffer also traveled to Havana shortly after the first incidents were reported in late Decemberall occurring in diplomatic residences and two hotels.

A day later, some reported cognitive deficits. The team was unable to conclude exactly what method the perpetrators of the attacks used but reduced it to several possibilities: In an article recently published by The New York Times experts pointed to microwaves as possible culprits of the attacks, describing a mechanism, still little understood, that makes human beings able to hear those waves in certain circumstances.Transform your history classroom.

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The War of The United States and Cuba in History and Historiography New edition Edition. History. Modern Western medicine has been practiced in Cuba by formally trained doctors since at least the beginning of the 19th century and the first surgical clinic was established in Cuba has had many world class doctors, including Carlos Finlay, whose mosquito-based theory of yellow fever transmission was given its final proof under the direction of Walter Reed, James Carroll, and.

In late , Castro rescinds the use of the American dollar in Cuba for future transactions, citing increased restrictions made by the Bush administration to limit money sent to Cuban families from American relatives.

History of cuba essay

The Miami Herald. Three doctors who evaluated U.S.

History of cuba essay

personnel affected by alleged attacks in Cuba believe that they were carried out with a weapon that uses directed energy and is capable of causing a “cavitation” effect.

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