Essays about internet addiction

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Essays about internet addiction

The Internet is a social technology, but the effect it has on face to face relationships can potentially be very detrimental. Like any activity, the Internet takes up a person's time; the amount of time varies depending on the person's level of addiction.

Often this time usage could be spent bettering face to face relationships. It is not uncommon for an Internet user to begin to replace their face to face relationships with those formed on the Internet.

By doing this they often negatively affect their lives. The Internet has become one of the most universal methods for communication with over million users worldwide.

From e-mail to the possibly billions of web pages, there is an infinite amount of information flowing.

Essay: The Effects Of Internet Addiction

And another enticing aspect of the Internet is the opportunity to interact with other people. But with this newfound freedom, also comes the possibility of abuse and addiction. It is also known in developed countries as internet addiction. Internet addiction, also known as Pathological Internet use, has emerged as a very destructive force in today's society.

An estimated 6 percent of the web user's million people are thought to be online addicts and that number is growing every day. But what causes Internet Addiction? There are many different causes, but one of the most essential, is thought to be a personality disorder.

The lone, bored, depress, introverted, lacking self-esteem, or have a history of addictions are most vulnerable. This group of people seems to be the most susceptible to all mental disorders, psychologically or physical. These people need to fill the void that has been created by not having any real life relationships, so they turn to the Internet, just as if someone would turn to drugs.

More than 90 percent of addicts became addicted to two-way communications functions: Pathological Internet Use or Internet Addiction is a type of impulse control disorder. Psychologists put it under this category because the effects of chemicals produced in the brain during Internet use haven't been properly documented.

The addiction is similar to an obsessive compulsive disorder and is also often compared to alcoholism.

Essays about internet addiction

This clearly shows that internet addiction is not a thing to just laugh about or pass away as a ridiculous joke.

It has to be combated worldwide.

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This can be done by making more friends in your active life or by hooking onto an active sport. Proper parental guidance and having a good friend circle are few ways of beating this new disorder.

So come on-"let us leave the monitor screens and lead a more healthy life and make a healthy society.Internet Addiction essaysThe Internet is the largest and most versatile source of information in the world today. With its web sites and chat rooms, it is a way of communicating with people in places all over the world.

Since its conception in , the Internet has grown at an astounding rate.

Essays about internet addiction

A su. Internet addiction is a problem of compulsive stimulation, much like drug addiction. Because of this similarity, well studied treatment procedures known to be useful for helping drug addicts towards recovery are adapted for use with Internet addicts when the need arises.

Teen Internet Addiction - Internet addiction goes by many names: Internet Dependency, Internet Compulsivity, and Internet Use Disorder. By any name, an addiction to the Internet completely controls the addict’s life, and causes the Internet to become a priority over family and friends.

Internet addiction is common among many millennials, and these people do not even realize that they have an addiction. Being addicted to the internet can lead to many side effects which could harm your social, emotional, and physical health.

Internet Addiction and it Effects on Educational Success Surname, Name Professor Institution Course Date Internet addiction is a maladaptive condition of continuously using the internet, which has strong withdrawal symptoms like depression, and loneliness, especially when the victims get off the net for long periods (Johnsons ).

Internet Addiction Essay Internet Addiction Internet Addiction The Internet provides a constant, ever-changing source of information and entertainment, and can be accessed from most smart phones as well as tablets, laptops, and computers. Email, blogs, social networks, and message boards allow for both public and anonymous communication.

Internet addiction essay