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This is started with the aim to achieve three interconnected goals.

Digital india

Click to know more Restoring of Class 6 to 10 examination scheme with effect from the Academic Year According to CBSE new guideline, in class 10 the board examination from Academic Year and onwards would be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure explained in Circular no: According to this new model, we created the examination structure in our Report Card software.

We provide following Products and Services to educational Institutes: We provide all types of academic softwares i. Digital Wallet Mobile App: It is a information and communication bridge between Parents and School. We provide printing services to institutes. PVC type photo is a very unique, longlife and cost effective portfolio compare to traditional photosheet.

It is a new way of teaching. A school quiz and Classroom Exam can be a great way to teach students about certain subjects and test their knowledge. You may conduct a quiz that focuses on learning, such as spelling or a quiz that tests students on several subjects, such as math, science, and social studies etc.

It gives instant results after the Classroom exams and Quizzes. We design attractive and responsive full features website for CBSE schools and host them on secure, reliable and fast server at very nominal cost.

It is user friendly. We can customize class wise different marking structure and reports in this software according to your need i. You can print and download various types of reports and graphical performances.

Fees automation is also available. You can manage and generate All Staffs Salary and reports i. You can easily manage the whole Library. Check the reports of issue books, return books, fines etc.

Library automation is also available. You can create and manage Class wise various types of exams. Exams can be create with both automatic and manual system.

Digital india

In automatic system you can create randomly question paper and also create question wise various sets of the same paper. Digital Wallet is link with our academic and fees software.

So with one click Profiles, Attendance, Performance, Fees data etc.

Digital india

In the wallet you can create online subject wise exam. Student Benefits Substantial evidence exists showing that parent involvement benefits students, including raising their academic achievement.

There are other advantages for children when parents become involved — namely, increased motivation for learning, improved behavior, more regular attendance, and a more positive attitude about homework and school in general.

Teacher Benefits Research shows that parental involvement can free teachers to focus more on the task of teaching children. Parents who are involved tend to have a more positive view of teachers, which results in improved teacher morale.Digitize India calls for your participation.

Your participation and contribution as a Digital Contributor will help the country to transform into a knowledge driven economy. Welcome To Digital India. If you use this site regularly and would like to help keep the site on the Internet, please consider donating a small sum to help pay for the hosting and bandwidth bill.

Cashless India. The Digital India programme is a flagship programme of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Web Ratna - MINISTRY / DEPT. The Award shall felicitate a Ministry or Department of the Government of India which has a comprehensive web presence and display the level of accountability in terms of quantity, quality, spectrum of coverage, integration with electronic authentication and digital payments.

Still there is digital divide between rural and urban areas, between poor and rich, and between young and old people. Government of India is yet to close this gap.

All these developments of digital connectivity is a result of global attheheels.comsed internet penetration is due to competition among telecom companies and the internet pack offers they provided. digital village india: the advanced instruction administration has been set up as a center administration to convey imaginative computerized picking up mirroring the quality and expansiveness of scholastic aptitude at the advanced town india.

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