Arbitration of tax assessment whether feasible

Arbitration cases are first assigned to arbitrators residing within the county where the arbitration request was filed.

Arbitration of tax assessment whether feasible

Hartman Introduction The U. Supreme Court heard the much anticipated oral argument in American Express Co. Italian Colors Restaurant on February 27, The issue before the Court was whether an arbitration clause which prohibits class actions should be enforced if the claimant could establish that enforcement of the clause would effectively preclude vindication of federal statutory rights.

The plaintiffs in the American Express Co. But, the potential impact of the case goes far beyond antitrust law.

Arbitration of tax assessment whether feasible

Largely based upon the affidavit of an economist, Gary L. This case has a long and tortured history. The Second Circuit first heard the matter on December 10, Supreme Court then vacated that decision and remanded it for reconsideration in light of its opinion in Stolt-Nielsen S.

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Stolt-Nielsen held that imposing class arbitration on parties that had not agreed to it conflicts with the FAA. The Concepcion decision, also extensively covered in this blogheld that the FAA preempted California law barring the enforcement of class action waivers in the consumer context.

On February 1,the Second Circuit issued an opinion in favor of the plaintiffs. On May 20, the Second Circuit denied rehearing en banc with three dissenters — some presaging concerns raised in the Supreme Court.

Skepticism From On High While the effective vindication of rights doctrine had its apparent supporters — namely Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg — others expressed profound skepticism both from substantive and procedural perspectives. That happened years before there was such a thing as class action in federal courts.

Unworkable Threshold Inquiry Another key point raised by Kellogg was that the merchants proposed an essentially unworkable threshold requirement for determining whether parties should arbitrate or litigate: Justices Roberts and Scalia both seemed to endorse that idea.

Justice John Roberts commented that a trade association might finance the cost of producing an antitrust expert report which could be shared by all the plaintiffs. Justice Kagan further questioned AMEX about whether it would be permissible to have a clause in an arbitration agreement that said: To prove an antitrust claim, Justice Kagan stated, one needs economic evidence of monopoly power, antitrust injury and damages.

Yet AMEX counsel Kellogg argued that it was unclear whether the cost of the expert reports and testimony would be the same in arbitration as litigation.

Justice Sonya Sotomayor recused herself because the case was decided during her tenure at the Second Circuit. The AMEX case provides the Supreme Court with yet another opportunity to support the liberal federal policy favoring arbitration agreements.Binding arbitration — Section 41A of the Texas Property Tax Code Effective September 1, , the Texas Legislature amended the Texas Property Tax Code to allow property owners the option of appealing an ARB decision for a property with a value of $1 million or less using binding arbitration.

Assessment Appeals –- Frequently Asked Questions. What is an assessment appeal? I think my property value has decreased over the past year and is now lower than my assessed value shown on my tax bill. malacaÑang m a n i l a.

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