An analysis of the violence portrayal in the story death of a salesman a play by arthur miller

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An analysis of the violence portrayal in the story death of a salesman a play by arthur miller

The play is a montage of memories, dreams, confrontations, and arguments, all of which make up the last 24 hours of Willy Loman's life. The play concludes with Willy's suicide and subsequent funeral. Miller uses the Loman family — Willy, Linda, Biff, and Happy — to construct a self-perpetuating cycle of denial, contradiction, and order versus disorder.

Willy had an affair over 15 years earlier than the real time within the play, and Miller focuses on the affair and its aftermath to reveal how individuals can be defined by a single event and their subsequent attempts to disguise or eradicate the event.

For example, prior to discovering the affair, Willy's son Biff adored Willy, believed all Willy's stories, and even subscribed to Willy's philosophy that anything is possible as long as a person is "well-liked.

Biff realizes that Willy has created a false image of himself for his family, society, and even for himself. Willy is not an invincible father or a loyal husband or a fantastically successful salesman like he wants everyone to believe. He fails to appreciate his wife.

And he cannot acknowledge the fact that he is only marginally successful. Hence, Willy fantasizes about lost opportunities for wealth, fame, and notoriety. Even so, it would be incorrect to state that Miller solely criticizes Willy. Instead, Miller demonstrates how one individual can create a self-perpetuating cycle that expands to include other individuals.

This is certainly the case within the Loman family. Until the end of the play, Willy effectively blocks the affair out of his memory and commits himself to a life of denial.

He cannot remember what happened, so naturally he does not understand why his relationship with Biff has changed.

An analysis of the violence portrayal in the story death of a salesman a play by arthur miller

Willy wants Biff's affection and adoration as before, but instead the two constantly argue. Willy vacillates, sometimes criticizing Biff's laziness and ineptitude, other times praising his physical abilities and ambition.

Linda and Happy are also drawn into the cycle of denial. Linda is aware of Willy's habit of reconstructing reality; however, she also recognizes that Willy may not be able to accept reality, as shown through his numerous suicide attempts prior to the beginning of the play.

As a result, Linda chooses to protect Willy's illusions by treating them as truth, even if she must ignore reality or alienate her children in doing so.

An analysis of the violence portrayal in the story death of a salesman a play by arthur miller

Happy is also a product of Willy's philosophy. Like Willy, he manipulates the truth to create a more favorable reality for himself. For example, when Happy tells everyone that he is the assistant buyer, even though he is only the assistant to the assistant, he proves that he has incorporated Willy's practice of editing facts.Violence and Death of A Salesman essays Violence is portrayed in the story of Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller which coincides with the American Dream.

The idea that any person can rise from humble beginnings to greatness is the basis of the American Dream. Arthur Miller paints a hars.


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Portrayal of Married Women in Arthur Miller’s All my Sons and Death of a Salesman DOI: / 38 | Page V. Conclusion: Thus Miller exposes clearly the fact that married women are exploited and enslaved in the male dominant society.

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Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman also portrays a family through generations and explores the interaction between dreams Raphel, Adrienne. "A Streetcar Named Desire." LitCharts. LitCharts LLC, Death of a Salesman Analysis Essay; Death of a Salesman Analysis Essay.

Beebe Beebe 1 Mr. Arena 4th hour AP Lang & Comp 12/17/09 Death of a Salesman Essay The story, Death of a Salesman, is a story that has many literary devices that help to make it the deep and riveting story that has become an American classic.

Arthur Miller's play.

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